Update a fixed dimension vector Simulink

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Giorgio Concu
Giorgio Concu 2017년 12월 6일
댓글: Giorgio Concu 2017년 12월 11일
Hi! I'm using Simulink and I'm counting the cycles and I have to rearrage them base on the torque level. So, I have to update a vector 125x1 (one for each class) and put inside the cumulative number of cycles performed in the corresponding class. How can I do it? Thank you!

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Nick Choi
Nick Choi 2017년 12월 8일
A block that may be helpful for this could be the 'Assignment' block:
This would allow you to assign values to specific elements of the signal.
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Giorgio Concu
Giorgio Concu 2017년 12월 11일
I already considered this option, but the 'Assignment' block just repleace the old value with the new one, while I need to increment it step by step. Any other suggestion?

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