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How does one implement context menus within the Matlab App Developer?

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David Fergenson
David Fergenson 5 Dec 2017
답변: Jyoti Gandhe 26 Mar 2020
This seems as thought it should be simple but I've been having a devil of a time with it.
There's no context menu control within App Developer and the objects that I've created don't seem to have UIContextMenu as properties. So, while I can create context menus using the uicontextmenu command upon the display of the app figure, I am not able to assign those menus to any of the controls.
Have I missed something very obvious? Or is there a known workaround? Or is this merely a limitation of App Developer and, in this case, when will this limitation be addressed?
Thanks in advance.
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Didier Blach-Laflèche
I am also struggling with this issue. Has anyone figured out how to implement context menus in the app designer?

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ES 24 May 2018
편집: ES 24 May 2018
As of 16B atleast, appdesigner doesn't have a context menu option.
I think same applies to Toolbars and ActiveX control.

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