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measuring term frequency of words

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John 3 Dec 2017
댓글: D. Frank 16 Oct 2020
I have been able to obtain a bag of words from a document. Please, how can I interact with the bag of words array, so I may make calculations on the frequency of terms within each document?
str = extractFileText('file.txt');
paras = split(str,"</P>");
paras(end) = []; % the split left an empty last entry
paras = extractAfter(paras,">") % Drop the "<P ID=n>" from the beginning
tdoc = tokenizedDocument(lower(paras));
bag = bagOfWords(tdoc)
I have this result:
For clarification, I believe the columns are the terms, while the rows are the documents. Am I right?
I loaded 2 txt files (1 document set, 1 query set) I want to evaluate similarity between each document and each query by Cosine similarity, tf-idf or whatsoever means.

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Abirami M
Abirami M 21 Apr 2020
friend how to find term frequency only in MATLAB for after bag of words model.Please tell me.for using the formula number of time term t appear in document /total number of terms in document.
Christopher Creutzig
Christopher Creutzig 24 Apr 2020
If I understand your question correctly, you can simply divide the counts, aka term frequency, by the document length. You may need to adapt the orientation of the vectors a bit, and also transpose everything if you want to, as I did here, display them in a table:
>> str = ["This is a short document.",...
"This is a longer document. With more tokens. Maybe that is about enough?"];
>> td = tokenizedDocument(str)
td =
1×2 tokenizedDocument:
6 tokens: This is a short document .
16 tokens: This is a longer document . With more tokens . Maybe that is about enough ?
>> bow = bagOfWords(td);
>> relFreq = bow.Counts ./ doclength(td).';
>> table(bow.Vocabulary.', relFreq.', 'VariableNames',["Word","relative Frequency"])
ans =
15×2 table
Word relative Frequency
__________ __________________
"This" 0.16667 0.0625
"is" 0.16667 0.125
"a" 0.16667 0.0625
"short" 0.16667 0
"document" 0.16667 0.0625
"." 0.16667 0.125
"longer" 0 0.0625
"With" 0 0.0625
"more" 0 0.0625
"tokens" 0 0.0625
"Maybe" 0 0.0625
"that" 0 0.0625
"about" 0 0.0625
"enough" 0 0.0625
"?" 0 0.0625
D. Frank
D. Frank 16 Oct 2020
Can i ask, is there any way to find the frequency and the number of repeated letters,pair of letters, space in a note, word or pdf file??

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Christopher Creutzig
See the bagOfWords documentation. E.g., you can use the tfidf function, you can extract bag.Counts and use pdist(bag.Counts,'cosine'), you can use fitlsa for what is essentially a principal component analysis for dimensionality reduction, or fitlda to train/fit a topic model.

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John 7 Dec 2017
I need to compute the similarity between each query loaded in QueTF and each document in DocTF.
How may I do that? QueTF and DocTF are both bag of words.
What is the significance of pdist2?
I am having problems applying this to the bag of words.
Cosss = pdist2(QueTF,DocTF,'cosine');
Christopher Creutzig
Christopher Creutzig 15 Oct 2018
John, you need to encode both sets of documents with the same bag-of-words model. (That model not only contains counts, it also has a specific mapping which word to put into which position, and if you use tfidf, you need to use the same idf factors for consistency within your analysis.) Something like this:
corpus = tokenizedDocument(corpusData);
bow = bagOfWords(corpus);
query = tokenizedDocument(queryData);
queryVectors = encode(bow,query);
dists = pdist2(queryVectors,bow.Counts,'cosine');

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