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LSTMs for Time Series Forecasting in Matlab 2017b

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Rhythm Shah
Rhythm Shah 2017년 11월 26일
댓글: nora mahmoud 2019년 3월 17일
I have a series of queries:- 1] How can I perform time series forecasting i.e. given a time series of lets say 'x' time steps and predicting the next 'y' time steps (consecutively). Can I use the regression layer after the last layer or will I have to convert my time series problem as a classification problem?
2] What is the significance of padding?
3]How do I prepare a dataset from a time series to be put into use for training the LSTM network?
4]Within the documentation for LSTM layers, under the sub-topic: 'list parameters' what Output Mode (sequence/ last) should I select and when?
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nora mahmoud
nora mahmoud 2019년 3월 17일
did you reach to solution , if you reached please help me , as i have the same problems..

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Abolfazl Nejatian
Abolfazl Nejatian 2018년 12월 8일
here is my code,
this piece of code predicts time series data by use of deep learning and shallow learning algorithm.
best wishes
Abolfazl Nejatian

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