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Bluetooth low energy block using Simulink

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Sam Hamie
Sam Hamie 26 Apr 2012
답변: Vamsi K 22 Mar 2019
hello I'm trying to develop a communication protocol for a bluetooth low energy and I was wondering if i can use simulink to develop this protocol/network. Then, I will generate the C code to dump it into the BLE chip!
Any help is greatly appreciated...
thanks Sam

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chfakht chfakht
chfakht chfakht 30 Jan 2015
i'm looking for the same think plz if you have done it email me at
Harnet Teklay
Harnet Teklay 26 Apr 2017
Hi, I was hoping if you already found for what you were looking. I am looking for the same thing too. If yes please email me @

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Vamsi K
Vamsi K 22 Mar 2019
In R2019a, the Communications Toolbox Library for the Bluetooth Protocol is available in MATLAB. This library supports various layers of BLE stack. This may meet some of your needs.
To view more infomation or to download this library, you can navigate in the MATLAB toolstrip -> Add-Ons -> Search for "Communications Toolbox Library for the Bluetooth Protocol".

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