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Incorporate Keras Network WITH LSTM Layer

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David Kuske
David Kuske 9 Nov 2017
I have a compiled and trained networkmodel with an LSTM Layer, as .py or saved as .HDF5 using Keras with Tensorflowbackend. Is there a way to use it (give input, predict output) in Matlab? The importKerasLayer function seems not to work with LSTMs at all.


Sivylla Paraskevopoulou
What version are you using? Since R2018b, you can Import LSTM and BiLSTM layers from TensorFlow-Keras. For a list of support Keras layers see the documentation of importKerasNetwork and importKerasLayers functions. Also, note that importKerasNetwork or importKerasLayers support importing a TensorFlow-Keras network only in HDF5 or JSON format.

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