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Is there a way to solve a system of ordinary differential equation with different time scale by using ode solver?

Asked by Ram Sigdel on 7 Nov 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Ram Sigdel on 7 Nov 2017
I have two ordinary differential equations with different time scales, one from the forest dynamics and the other from the opinion dynamics.


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Answer by Mischa Kim
on 7 Nov 2017

Ram, it sounds like you are referring to solving (possibly) stiff ODE. If you do, yes, there are solvers. See the documentation for more info.


Thanks Kim. In my two odes, one depends upon a time scale yr^(-1) whereas the other depend on yr^(-2). Could you please help me if I can define a function as f(x,t1,t2) and two odes with different time t1 and t2?

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