Difference between String and Value

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Aj 2017년 11월 2일
편집: Stephen23 2017년 11월 2일
I am new working with GUIs. My Question is, when I use String and when i use value? I dont understand the difference.
set(handles.staticText1, ' String')

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Stephen23 2017년 11월 2일
편집: Stephen23 2017년 11월 2일
I guess you are asking about something like uicontrol objects. The difference is simple:
  • The string property is simply what is displayed on a GUI object, eg the label on a button.
  • The value property indicates the state of that object, e.g. whether the button depressed or not.
You should always read the documentation carefully each time you use any uicontrol object:
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Aj 2017년 11월 2일
ok, that was easy to understand. Thanks mate!!!

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Jan 2017년 11월 2일
편집: Jan 2017년 11월 2일
The 'String' property contains the string (character vector), which is displayed in the GUI. The 'Value' contains a numerical value, e.g. 1 or 0 for a toggle button or check box to determine, if the control is enabled or disabled currently. For a slider it is the current value between the min and max values. For a listbox, 'Value' contains the selected rows.
While the 'String' is usually fixed, the 'Value' depends on the user actions (with exceptions, of course, e.g. if the name of a user selected file is displayed in a button).

Roman Müller-Hainbach
Roman Müller-Hainbach 2017년 11월 2일
Different UI elements have different uses for the 'String' and 'Value' property. in 'uicontrol's these properties behave dependent on the 'Style' you choose ('pushbutton' by default). Things like pushbuttons, textfields probably use the 'String' property to set the displayed string. The 'Value' doesn't always have a function in uicontrols. Checkboxes are an example where this property is used. It controls the state (checked/unchecked) there. As always, read the documentation for the element you are using. The uses for such a property like 'String' and 'Value' may differ a lot for different classes of objects. Feel free to ask more specifically about the element you are using right now.


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