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Student sees a very strange and usual interface

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A student sent me this image from what he/she sees in Cody Coursework. It's only this student, and only this assignment. There is a weird "Code to call your function" window that should not be there. This is an assignment in which students have to write a function. The student was seeing this on a Windows pc, but not on a iPad. Not sure what this is and how to fix it, any suggestions?

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Santosh Kasula
Santosh Kasula 23 Oct 2017
The student might be using version-2 of Cody Coursework on Windows PC and version-1 on iPad. "Code to call your function" is a new feature is v2. Below is the brief explanation of how "Code to call your function" works
1) Student can code his function in "Your Function" code editor area. Lets assume the student wants to test if a number is odd or even, the below code goes into "Your Function" area
function tf = is_it_even(n)
ans = mod(n, 2)
if ans == 0
tf = true;
tf = false;
2) and can test the above function by calling in "Code to call your function" and clicking on "Run Function" button. For the above function, the student can write the below code "Code to call your function" area

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Antonio Mele
Antonio Mele 23 Oct 2017
Sorry scratch that. Here is the thing: my course was set up in v1. Most students are accessing it with v1, but a couple of students submitted their problem sets on v2. When I download the submissions, in any format, those 2 submissions are empty, however they passed all the tests. When I log in in v2, I cannot access the submissions (the platform gives me an error message). This looks like a bug to me. Is there any way to recover the submissions of these two students?
Santosh Kasula
Santosh Kasula 23 Oct 2017
Could you reach out to and share details about students and the course, we can try to take care of the migration?
We are working on streamlining the workflow, so that students don't run into these issues in the future.
Jeff Alderson
Jeff Alderson 19 Apr 2018
With the January 2018 release of Cody Coursework, all users (students and instructors) will now see the same version of the product, with no effort required in changing URLs or paths.

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