How do I add a picture to report generator?

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Mikkel Ibsen
Mikkel Ibsen 2017년 10월 20일
답변: Corey Silva 2017년 10월 23일
I've been trying to get to know this report generator but I can't quite figure it out.
I've managed to add a table and change the orientation to "landscape", but I can't choose where to place the different objects onto the page, and I can't add a image. What do I do?
import mlreportgen.dom.* %import the DOM API
% Specify the type of docuemnt ot create, Word, PDF or HTML
rpt_type = 'pdf';
%%Simple report
[file, path] = uiputfile('*.pdf');
doc = Document([path file],rpt_type); % Create an empty PDF document
sect = doc.CurrentPageLayout;
pageSize = sect.PageSize;
pageSize.Orientation = 'landscape';
saveHeight = pageSize.Height;
pageSize.Height = pageSize.Width;
pageSize.Width = saveHeight;
table = append(doc,magic(22));
table.Border = 'solid';
table.ColSep = 'solid';
table.RowSep = 'solid';
If I want to add the picture in the top right corner what do I do?
Should I use the report explorer instead of trying to write it myself? Because the explorer is just as difficult to understand.

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Corey Silva
Corey Silva 2017년 10월 23일
You should be able to create an image to include in your report with the mlreportgen.dom.Image class.

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