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Friedel Hartmann
Friedel Hartmann 2017년 10월 20일
댓글: Michael 2017년 10월 31일
On starting Matlab
Warning: "D:\OneDrive\Dokumente\Matlab" using the Custom Working Folder preference could not be accessed. Using "D:\Hartmann\Dokumente\MATLAB" as the initial working folder instead.
Why can I not use the above folder "D:\OneDrive\... ? It used to work and suddenly I have problems. On a PC and on my laptop.

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Friedel Hartmann
Friedel Hartmann 2017년 10월 24일
I had activated OneDrive Files On Demand on the computer and this feature is incompatible with MATLAB, seemingly because in this mode OneDrive works with place holders.
I deactivated this mode and now everything works fine.
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Michael 2017년 10월 31일
I have the same problem with MATLAB 2017b and Windows Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299 (the Fall Creator's Update). I unchecks the Files on Demand setting, but still have the issue.
Are there any additional steps I can take?
Best, Michael

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Corey Silva
Corey Silva 2017년 10월 23일
It is possible that the permissions to your preferences directory have changed.
It also might be worth regenerating your preferences to see if anything changes. You can find instructions to do that below:

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