How to smooth edges of polygons?

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m975 2017년 10월 12일
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I created a image (uint8) with multiple filled polygons. First, I used the vision.ShapeInserter with 'Antialiasing' but this was not enough. Also insertShape + 'SmoothEdges' produced insufficient smooth edges. Are there any other ways how I can fix that?
Looking forward to your suggestions. Thanks!


Andrew Chen
Andrew Chen 2017년 10월 12일
Perhaps imopen with a disk structuring element will provide the functionality you are looking for?
se = strel('disk',5);
new_img = imopen(original_image,se);
Hope this helps!
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m975 2017년 10월 13일
For example, in this image polygons show proper edges without these awful "stairs" when the shapes get rotated. By the way, this image was drawn in photoshop. But now I have to create a lot of stimuli in MATLAB by using coordinates for my polygons. Consequently, I am looking for a MATLAB routine to generate images of same quality. I hope this explanation helps. Thanks!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2017년 10월 13일
You can smooth the edges with a filter. See attached.
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m975 2017년 10월 19일
Finally, the easiest workaround was to create very big images (5000 x 5000 px) and, subsequently, resize them to the favored stimulus size. Now edges look sexy again!

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