Raspberry Pi Audio Playback using I2S

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Cody Dowling
Cody Dowling 2017년 10월 4일
답변: Gabriele Bunkheila 2018년 4월 5일
I am currently using Raspberry Pi 3B as a development tool for audio algorithms. So far, I have been successful in flashing the Matlab version of of the OS on the micro-SD card, connecting via an Ethernet jack, and passing audio through the EQ Example to the Raspberry Pi and out of the Headphone Jack.
My issue is that I have to use an external board which accepts I2S instead of analog. I don't see any options to enable this (though I have looked in the raspi-config UI, Advanced, Audio, and tried "0"(default), "1"(3.5mm Jack), and "2"(HDMI). Most of the online help refers me to the standard releases of Noobs/Raspbian/Pixel, but not the version I burned when following the instructions from Matlab.
Can you please help me get I2S audio flowing out of the 40 Pin header? I've been working for several days and think perhaps the Linux Kernel / Version I burned onto the micro-SD card simply doesn't have the I2S port enabled/integrated.
Appreciate in advance any help you can offer!
Cody Dowling

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Gabriele Bunkheila
Gabriele Bunkheila 2018년 4월 5일
Hi Cody,
I have just noticed this old question if yours as R2018a introduced enhancements to support external I2S support for I2S on RaspeberryPi. It'd be great if you could take a look at the new documentation page Play High-Quality Audio from Raspberry Pi Using I2S-Based DAC and let us know if that's enough info and capabilities to get you going.


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