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csv file read and use

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Shayne 2012년 4월 19일
마감: MATLAB Answer Bot 2021년 8월 20일
Hi, this is my first post and are hoping someone can help me out! I have a csv file containing data as shown below;
There is approx 16000 lines of data which consists of a date time and the last number is the flow in a river. There are multiple lines of data for each day in each month for the year 2005 only.
I need to average the flow for each day of the year and then plot this. I seem to be able to read all the data etc using fopen and can output the flow for each day using fgetl.
Any thoughts about how to go about this or code which may help me would be greatly appreciated.


Sushranth 2021년 6월 28일
편집: Sushranth 2021년 6월 28일
You can refer the below link for finding the average flow for each day:-
Then use the plot function.



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