ANN based MPPT (duty cycle problem)

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Haider Agha
Haider Agha . 2017년 9월 23일
답변: ABDELKARIM BALLOUTI . 2023년 5월 14일
Hello I am making an ANN based MPPT using the following schematic. After generating Vmpp I dont understand how or what goes on in the Calculation block that eventually produces a PWM ? Is there a PI controller in it or a duty cycle formula ?
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DAUDA DUNCAN 2020년 4월 17일
Hello Haider,
Firstly, how did you combine the Step and Ramp sources together?
Thank you.

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Muhammad Taimoor
Muhammad Taimoor 2019년 10월 2일
I think the ANN will give a new value of the Vmpp at every instant and then the calculation block will set the duty cycle in accordance with the set value by the ANN and hence at every instant the DC-DC Converter will operate on that point so to get max power. I'm also implementing the same 6KW system for varying irradiance conditions but there are a lot of trouble in the implementation of the ANN. Can u help me for it? Any guideness how You implement the ANN? You can contact me at I'll be waiting for your response. Thanks

Nisar Ahmed
Nisar Ahmed 2020년 4월 30일
please send me

Please send me this fils in my email
thanks you so much


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