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poissrnd function issue: weird histogram

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Saurabh Talele
Saurabh Talele 21 Sep 2017
편집: Saurabh Talele 22 Sep 2017
I tried to produce 10^6 poisson distributed random numbers and when i looked at the histogram, it had either some gaps or shoots depending upon the bin size... can anyone exlpain whats happening here?
t = zeros(1000000,1);
for i = 1:1000000
t(i,1) = poissrnd(100);

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José-Luis 21 Sep 2017
편집: José-Luis 21 Sep 2017
The loop is unnecessary:
Works as expected.

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Saurabh Talele
Saurabh Talele 22 Sep 2017
Thanks a lot :) however, i am still curious about what happens in the stated case.

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