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I'm trying to set certain rows in a 3 dimensional matrix 0

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Anush Lingamoorthy
Anush Lingamoorthy 19 Sep 2017
편집: José-Luis 19 Sep 2017
I have created a 3-Dimensional matrix (remove_bad_data) of size
11*600*14 (rows*coloumns*sheets)
I wish to remove certain rows on each sheet. Eg.
But I get the following error:
A null assignment can have only one non-colon index.
How do I fix this issue?

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José-Luis 19 Sep 2017
You can't set them to empty, that'd mess up the dimensions of your array.

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José-Luis 19 Sep 2017
편집: José-Luis 19 Sep 2017
Since it is impossible setting them to empty without actually changing your array, you could use NaN instead.
data(10,:,2) = NaN;
For example. Or actually use 0 like the header of your question suggests instead of trying to set them to empty.

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