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plz help me all

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ahmed  hamdy
ahmed hamdy 2017년 9월 15일
답변: shwetha bharath 2018년 4월 7일
I have problem
Your MATLAB license will expire in 57 days.
Please contact your system administrator or
The MathWorks to renew this license.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2017년 9월 15일
That message explicitly tells you what to do. "Contact" means you call someone on the phone. Do you need our help for that? Here is the FAQ.

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Jan 2017년 9월 15일
편집: Jan 2017년 9월 15일
In 57 days? On the 11-Nov-2017? This date is known to appear in a cracked version of Matlab. It is a assumption only, but you cannot expect the public Matlab forum to support illegal activities.
I recommend, that you delete this thread.
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ahmed  hamdy
ahmed hamdy 2017년 9월 23일
thanks alot all

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Kyle Perry
Kyle Perry 2017년 10월 31일
Hi Ahmed,
This occurs when your MATLAB license file is set to expire for one of several possible reasons. Simply re-activate MATLAB if you still have a valid license. I have attached a link below to our article that explains this message and resolution.
Why do I receive a message that MATLAB will expire in XX days?
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Jan 2017년 11월 15일
Did you read my answer? This message meant, that your license expires. Contact MathWorks to obtain a new license.

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shwetha bharath
shwetha bharath 2018년 4월 7일
hi I have installed MATLAB R2013a but unble to lauch the application

shwetha bharath
shwetha bharath 2018년 4월 7일
i have provided the license key also but still every time it is asking for activation

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