Does Matlab support USRP X310 and UBX-160 daughter board?

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Young-Chul Park
Young-Chul Park 2017년 9월 15일
댓글: Mir Lodro 2021년 3월 22일
Hi, I have MATLAB 2017a and required toolboxes to support USRP support package. - After installing USRP X310 and UBX-160 daughter board, I updated the FPGA firmware to uhd_003_009_004-vendor, which is the one requred by the Matlab.
- From the 'provesdru' command, X310 is identified correctly. However, it seems that the UBX-160 board is not recognized: the device id is read correctly(0x007e), but the device name shows 'unknown', and any board info of UBX-160 can not be obtained properly. - When I run simulink examples such as QPSK transmitter do not transmit anything even though it does not show any error.
- The UBX-160 datasheet says the minimum uhd version is 3.8.2. So it is odd that the Matlab package can not recognize UBX-160.
Q1: What would be the reason of this board identification error and any work arounds?
Q2: When the package that can recognize UBX-160 will be released? I think it is important because UBX-160 is a flagship product what works with X310.


Suze Zhang
Suze Zhang 2017년 9월 20일
Hi Young-Chul,
Here is a link to Documentation page with a list of supported daughter cards for USRP support package:
It seems that UBX-160 is not listed here. I can talk to our Development team to see if UBX-160 would be possible to be added to the supported list for a future release of this product.
Best regards,

Young-Chul Park
Young-Chul Park 2017년 9월 21일
Hi Suze, Yes, but the link also says "Support might also extend to other UHD™-based radios and daughterboards from Ettus ResearchTM." and the UHD 3.9.4 (the one matlab's usrp package has) supports UBX series daughter boards. I guess it would help us plan out project schedule if you let us know when the new usrp package would be released and what UHD version it would include.
Thank youl

Ethem 2017년 9월 21일
The USRP support package utilizes the UHD software to communicate with the USRP radios and their daughterboards. Since the UHD version is documented to support the UBX160 board, it should be accessible from MATLAB too.
Also, probesdru function calls the utility function provided by UHD: uhd_usrp_probe. If uhd_usrp_probe cannot communicate with the daughterboard, then the issue either lies with the UHD software or the hardware. Please contact Ettus Research to get further help.

Eric Hughes
Eric Hughes 2017년 12월 7일
편집: Eric Hughes 2017년 12월 7일
Hi Suze,
I'm having the same issue as Young-Chul. It appears that the 3.9.4 release of UHD doesn't support the UBX-160 daughter card.
Running 3.9.4, uhd_usrp_probe.exe:
RX Dboard: A | | | ID: Unknown (0x007e) | | | Serial: 3123D03
Running 3.9.7, uhd_usrp_probe.exe:
RX Dboard: A | | | ID: UBX-160 v2 (0x007e) | | | Serial: 3123D03
Do you have any information as to when the developers will be upgrading to a version of UHD that supports the UBX-160?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Eric Hughes
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Dharmesh Panchal
Dharmesh Panchal 2018년 2월 6일
I have the same question as the above MATLAB user as well. If it supports UBX-160 yet, that would be great. :) Thanks.

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Mir Muhammad Lodro
Mir Muhammad Lodro 2017년 12월 8일
I am waiting for the update on the same issue.I am using UHD 3.9.1 with MATLAB 2016a and now I want to upgrade to MATLAB 2017a/b.

James Zhou
James Zhou 2018년 9월 27일
Any new updates on this? is this supported? thanks.

Paula Reis
Paula Reis 2021년 3월 22일
Which version of Matlab is compatible with UBX 160 daughter boards.
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Mir Lodro
Mir Lodro 2021년 3월 22일
It is all about right UHD version. UBX-160 with X310 USRP is compatible with MATLAB versions. I hadn't issue with it. It worked well from MATLAB 2016a and onwards...

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