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Turning x amount of data points in to 100 to get a percentage

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WellsJ 5 Sep 2017
댓글: Carolyn 27 Sep 2019
I have a row vector containing 120 data points. How would I convert that data in to 100. I am working on gait cycles and would like to analyse the knee angles at a certain percentage of the cycle. This is what I was attempting to use but that just seems to ignore any data points past the 100th value.
y = linspace(1,100,100); Gait_Cycle_Percent =interp1(x,y) where x is the raw 120x1 data.
Thank you

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José-Luis 5 Sep 2017
If you have the signal processing toolbox:

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Carolyn 27 Sep 2019
Yes i would love to see what parameters you ended up using for this.

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husnir nasyuha
husnir nasyuha 4 Mar 2019
hi, may i know which resample function that you used, and how to normalize the data into 100 percent of gait

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