webread is not working or sending an error code

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In learning how to use webread the matlab examples and other api endpoints do not work, and an error code is not generated. I am not using a proxy. A direct link to the example in the browser works fine but webread does not seem to work with any api. Is there a product add on I need to buy or something else.
Below is the example code used.
url = 'http://heritage.stsci.edu/2007/14/images/p0714aa.jpg';
rgb = webread(url);
whos rgb
matlab error report on live code: Attempt to execute SCRIPT webread as a function
The matlab function urlread() works fine when tested.
Thank you in advance

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Stalin Samuel
Stalin Samuel 2017년 9월 1일
  • i Think you have saved your file name as "webread.m"
  • If so ,Kindly rename the file
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E Jackson
E Jackson 2017년 9월 1일
Thanks once again, and have a great one.

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