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webread is not working or sending an error code

In learning how to use webread the matlab examples and other api endpoints do not work, and an error code is not generated. I am not using a proxy. A direct link to the example in the browser works fine but webread does not seem to work with any api. Is there a product add on I need to buy or something else.
Below is the example code used.
url = '';
rgb = webread(url);
whos rgb
matlab error report on live code: Attempt to execute SCRIPT webread as a function
The matlab function urlread() works fine when tested.
Thank you in advance

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Answer by Stalin Samuel on 1 Sep 2017
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  • i Think you have saved your file name as "webread.m"
  • If so ,Kindly rename the file

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Thanks that worked. What made you suspect the file name ?
The error message: the inbuilt webread is a function, but if there is a script in your local directory with the same name then that will get called instead. The error message tells us that a script got called. Thus a very likely cause is that you have a script called webread.
Tip: always use which to check names before you use them.
Thanks once again, and have a great one.

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