Error using ga (line 283) - Matlab newbie

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Antonia Schmidt
Antonia Schmidt 2017년 8월 23일
답변: José-Luis 2017년 8월 23일
I am trying to minimize my equation (see fitnessfcn) and to solve it to x.
w = [-2.513, 0.2409, 2.3219];
l = [118, 104, 119];
N = 3;
nvars = 3;
b = 119 ;
fitnessfcn = sum (w(1:N).* ((abs(x-l(1:N)).*abs(x-l(1:N))) .* log(abs(x-l(1:N)))))-b;
[x, fval] = ga(fitnessfcn, nvars)
I am officially frustrated and need help. Thanks in advance!
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KSSV 2017년 8월 23일
We cannot run this as x is not defined here.

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José-Luis 2017년 8월 23일
fitnessfcn should be a function handle. It doesn't look like that's what you are passing.
fitnessfcn = @(x) x.^2;
For example.

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