DMR client's dictionary function threw std::exception:: 'boost::ba​d_any_cast​:failed conversion using boost::any_cast''

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omar chakroun
omar chakroun 2017년 8월 22일
댓글: omar chakroun 2017년 8월 29일
Hi, i got this error when running a simulation on Simulink. the first run of the simulation works fine but when i stop it and want to do a second run, the error appears. i tried removing all the *.DMR files from the temp directory but didnt work. any ideas how to solve this issue thanks

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Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu 2017년 8월 28일
This may be due to a bug with the Simulation Data Inspector (SDI) that impacts releases from R2014b and R2016b. If you are indeed using releases that fall in this range, please upgrade to R2017a as the issue should have been fixed in the current release.
If the issue persists after the upgrade, or you are unable to upgrade for some reasons, please contact the MathWorks Technical Support Team in your country/region:
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omar chakroun
omar chakroun 2017년 8월 29일
Thanks a lot. the issue is with SDI as you pointed out with Matlab 2016b. i was using SDi during the model development and was kept on. i was able to deactivate all signals going to SDI by using these two command lines. load_system('name of the model') set_param('name of the model', 'InstrumentedSignals', [])
thank you again.

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