CIC to HDL conversion

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Khalid Mirza
Khalid Mirza 2017년 8월 11일
댓글: Khalid Mirza 2017년 8월 18일
Hi All,
When I try to generate HDL for a CIC filter I get the following error in the Workflow Manager : ??? Dimension 1 is fixed on the left-hand side but varies on the right ([3 x 1] ~= [:? x :?]).
Error in ==> CICDecimator Line: 1 Column: 1 ### Code generation failed: View Error Report
Error in Manager>wfa_generateCode at 0
The Error report shows as in the attached image.
Can anyone please help ? I am new to MATLAB-> HDL conversion.
PS : I do not have license for Filter Design HDL Coder, hence cant run the relevant example.

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Bharath Venkataraman
Bharath Venkataraman 2017년 8월 14일
I suggest using the CIC Decimation block in Simulink. This should generate HDL code.
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Khalid Mirza
Khalid Mirza 2017년 8월 14일
Thanks can you please send me a simple working model. I am not very familiar with Simulink. I tried using CIC Decimation block in Simulink, I have some difficulty setting it up.

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Gautham Sholingar
Gautham Sholingar 2017년 8월 17일
1) It seems that the error you are observing is related to variable sized inputs being used to define the CIC_filter. You could try to resolve this error by pre-allocating the sizes of the variables/arrays used in this process.
2) You can take a look at the documentation page associated with the specific example you are using to identify if the Filter Design HDL Coder toolbox is needed for your workflow. This may/may not be needed depending on your workflow.
3) The following documentation page talks about the restrictions of generating HDL code from CIC decimation filters:
Please refer to this page to understand if you are running into one of the reported limitations:
4) If these approaches do not help in resolving the issue, you can contact MathWorks Technical Support in the UK using the following link:
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Khalid Mirza
Khalid Mirza 2017년 8월 18일
I fixed the input size related errors. However, during MATLAB -> HDL conversion, dsp.CICDecimator object was highlighted as incompatible for conversion. I finally managed to generate an HDL code for the CIC filter from Simulink.

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