arduino interface with matlab

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fremond khoo
fremond khoo 2011년 3월 19일
hi and good day to all,
i want to ask about the interface with arduino and matlab..i am now trying to get the data from potentiometer which is attached at my stepper motor shaft..can anybody tell me how to get the data from potentiometer through arduino board to my computer(MATLAB) and try to plot the graph at the same time?..i have the code to plot the graph but i cant run both files at the same..
either i run my motor or get data from potentiometer by turning the potentiometer how do i solve this??..
anyone would be so kind to help out here??
thanks in advance^^

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Javier Ruiz
Javier Ruiz 2011년 3월 19일
Can you provide more information? Are you successfully acquiring the data from Arduino to MATLAB?
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fremond khoo
fremond khoo 2011년 3월 19일
can anyone help me out??..please?

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Tee 2011년 3월 19일

Tee 2011년 3월 19일
now, i try learning IO package, but don't know how to link with Matlab GUI, after u learnt this data acquisition teach me, haha

Tee 2011년 3월 19일
i think i have to use it, cause i need control the motor through it...


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