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What's the difference between VideoReader and vision.VideoFileReader?

What is the difference between VideoReader and vision.VideoFileReader?
I am working on a project that requires me to locate and track an object within a video. I originally wrote the code using VideoReader, but then stumbled across vision.VideoFileReader. But I cannot really see any clear benefit between using one or the other.

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I am wondering too. I would like to work with Vision.videoFileReader with a currentTime command. But it is not available in Vision.toolbox. How is a Vision Command to transform in to a normal VideoReader command?

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Answer by Swarooph
on 1 Aug 2017
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One primary difference I can see is vision.VideoFileReader is a system object and VideoReader is not. This means the VideoFileReader allows you to generate C code out of it. Because it is a system object, it is made to work with streaming type of data (video/audio) more efficiently so it might even be faster. Also, VideoFileReader is in the Computer Vision System Toolbox whereas VideoReader is in base MATLAB for anyone to use. If you have both, you should be looking to work with only one or the other.

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