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How to open a Simulink Scope without the model

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Hi, I am running simulink simulations from a script which take quite a while. So it is good to have a scope open, which shows some output signals to see how far the simulation is and what it is doing.
Under Matlab2014a I was able to open such a scope without actually opening the model:
The same commands under Matlab2017a do not open the scope. I really have to open the simulink model to see the scope.
Is there a way under Matlab2017a to open the scope without having the window of the model open as well? I am working under Windows7.
Thank you very much in advance.

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Swarooph 27 Jul 2017
You can use the open_system command. For e.g. in your case:
Doc on the command here .

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Gunter Nitzsche
Gunter Nitzsche 14 Aug 2017
great, this works Thank you

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