Simulink SPI comunication beaglebone black

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Daniele Ludovico
Daniele Ludovico 2017년 7월 15일
댓글: Kurt Stewart 2018년 5월 15일
I would like to implement in simulink an SPI comunication on a beaglebone black in order to read the values provided by 2 encoders, but in the hardware support package for beaglebone is not present the SPI block. It is possible to define a block able to read the SPI bus using simulink in the external mode?
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Kurt Stewart
Kurt Stewart 2018년 5월 15일
did you happen to make a block using S-function that I could use?

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Don Zheng
Don Zheng 2017년 7월 18일
Unfortunately, at this time Simulink does not have blocks for SPI built in to the Simulink Embedded Coder support package for the BeagleBone Black development platform.
As a workaround, you can use S-function builder to access the SPI interface. The MATLAB Support Package for Beaglebone Black ships with the C-source code to access the SPI interface. The C-code is located under the following:
Support Package Root>\R20XXX\toolbox\realtime\targets\beagleboneio\src\server
The following File Exchange submission contains a step by step tutorial on how to develop BeagleBone Black device drivers blocks:
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Kurt Stewart
Kurt Stewart 2018년 5월 15일
this would be useful to have this block

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