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error msg- Input must contain only finite real nonnegative integers. when using coif1.3 and bior1.3 in place of haar

naval solanki 님이 질문을 제출함. 14 Jun 2017
최근 활동 Wayne King 님이 답변함. 19 Jun 2017

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I think we will need a bit more of your code, showing how arr is constructed.
using haar and lifting wavelet i have made array based on aprox., d,h,v detail coefficient.

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Wayne King 님의 답변 19 Jun 2017

Hi Naval, I agree with Walter that we need more information. It helps to give us some sample data that we can reproduce the issue from. However, I will just guess that the problem is pskmod() does not accept inputs that are not positive integers. When you obtain the wavelet transform of some positive integer-valued data, you are certainly not guaranteed to obtain positive integer-valued coefficients. In fact, you are likely not going to obtain integer-valued coefficients.
The Haar transforms, haart(), have an 'integer' option that will ensure that the wavelet coefficient outputs are integers, but you will still not be assured that those integers will be positive.

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