Is there a codec to read/write lossless Motion JPEG 2000 (Archival) videos outside of MATLAB?

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Hello all,
I am working with infrared thermography video sequences. Because saving those files as a raw binary bit stream is quite big, I was looking for a lossless video format, which is able to handle 16 bit grayscale images and still has a good compression ratio. I found that lossless Motion JPEG 2000, which is natively supported by MATLAB, is an ideal candidate. Working with .mj2 files directly in MATLAB works great, however reading and writing them outside of MATLAB seems to be quite a challenge.
Following this blog post, I tried to play the video with ffplay. Unfortunately this only works for lossy Motion JPEG 2000 videos. I tried a couple alternative approaches, none with success.
Does anybody know how to read/write lossless Motion JPEG 2000 videos outside of MATLAB or which codec MATLAB utilizes for this purpose? Any help is much appreciated.

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Sanjana Ramakrishnan
Sanjana Ramakrishnan 2017년 6월 19일
MATLAB uses a third party library called Kakadu for doing any Motion JPEG-2000 encoding and decoding. The vendors website is This library is not open source and you will need to contact the vendor directly to find out how to obtain them.

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