Extracting the column value of a table

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Reshma Ravi
Reshma Ravi 2017년 6월 11일
답변: Stalin Samuel 2017년 6월 11일
I have a table with two columns which is symbol and value, for eg aggtc 2 agtg 2 aggc 3 etc.I want to extract the column values of symblos that is aggtc,agtg,aggc and so on how is this possible.please give me a solution.


Stalin Samuel
Stalin Samuel 2017년 6월 11일
Let us assume that you have the table like this
table_name =
[ aggtc, 2]
[ agtg, 2]
[ aggc, 3]
then column values of symblos can be extracted by
table_name(:,1)//gives you the below result


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