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Codec Error with VideoReader function

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Tyler Banning
Tyler Banning 2017년 5월 30일
편집: Mrutyunjaya Hiremath 2020년 4월 24일
I was having a problem where Matlab is unable to determine the codec required when I try to read in an .mpg video file. I do not believe it has anything to do with the video file as the video plays fine in Windows Media Player. I tried following some of the troubleshooting methods online, but the first step is usually using mmfileinfo() to find out the information on the video file but that errors as well. I attached screenshots of what I am doing and the errors at the bottom.

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Archita P
Archita P 2017년 6월 2일
It might be the case that you are trying to read in a MAT file with a similar name, which would result in this error.
Which codec are you using to read the video file? You might be missing the codec required to read the video file. Try installing Windows Media Player Codec Pack, which can be found at the following website-
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Greg 2018년 9월 13일
How is this an accepted answer to this question? He said right in the question that the video plays fine in Windows Media Player, which means that he already has the codec installed, right?

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Nicky Wu
Nicky Wu 2019년 8월 28일
don't download anything from that website... it comes with many unnecessary softwares to install on your computer.

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