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Why does the "Enabled Subsystem" not work?

When trying out "Enabled Subsystem" I encounter a strange Problem: The block seems not to work. But strangely the same block copied from the "enablesub"-example seems to work (see Picture and attached Model). I have no idea why this is the case since i compared every Parameter of the two Subsystem-blocks and the enabled block.
I am using Matlab Simulink Version (R2013a).

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Swarooph 님의 답변 19 May 2017
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This is because the setting 'Output when disabled' is different for the respective output ports of the Enabled subsystems.
The From Library Browser version has the following setting:
The example version has the following setting:
Because of this discrepancy, the behavior is expected. Take a look at the documentation here to learn more about this setting.

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Thank You very much Swarooph. It works fine now. I never thought about the Output to be the source of the discrepancy.

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