Arduino Interrupts

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Curtis Bower
Curtis Bower 2012년 3월 30일
댓글: Hocine YAKOUBI 2021년 7월 7일
I wish to use the "Arduino Support for Simulink" to write code in Simulink and use it on an Arduino. But, I need to be able to incorporate interrupts in order to read the output from a quadrature encoder. Does Simulink support this? If not is there a way to access the sketch file before it is complied to add some more functionality that Simulink is lacking?
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mahmoud bakr
mahmoud bakr 2019년 4월 1일
If you mean that you want to gey the encoder info i.e(speed,steps) you can do that in simulink without using interrupts refer to the built in example in the arduino support packages examples named ( Driving car with PID controller )

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Gautam Vallabha
Gautam Vallabha 2012년 4월 1일
I assume you are referring to the Run on Target Hardware support for Arduino.
There is currently no support for working with Arduino interrupts from within Simulink. If you have Embedded Coder, you can access the generated code (the sketch) before it is compiled. Otherwise (if you just have Simulink) there is no way to access the generated code.

Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar 2019년 10월 15일
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Hocine YAKOUBI 2021년 7월 7일
Hi Arun Kumar,
I have an example of quadrature encoder that's work fine under Simulink using the block External Interrupt, but when I trid to use it to control Dc motor I have a problem of synchronisation.
I send PWM (PID controller) to the DC motor, and the encoder gives response after 2 or 3 second because the block External Interrupt is asynchronous. How to resolve that ?
Many thanks,

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fox tan
fox tan 2013년 9월 15일
Hi,Gautam Vallabha : I want to create a interrupt block of Arduino. Can you give an example to me about what you wrote " If you have Embedded Coder, you can access the generated code (the sketch) before it is compiled. "
thanks very much!
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phil 2014년 4월 4일
have you been succesfull with this? this would come in very handy!

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Christoph Hahn
Christoph Hahn 2016년 10월 4일
Dear Curtis,
you can check out that entry on the FileExchange LINK. You can use the template for creating custom S-function blocks.
Cheers Christoph

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