Yahoo Finance Webservice API is down?

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John Gwyneth
John Gwyneth 2017년 4월 28일
댓글: John Doe 2020년 5월 26일
I've been using the Yahoo Finance Webservice for a few months now to fetch stock data in JSON format using the following URL:
However, as of today this is simply hitting a 404 error and I can't seem to find a possible work around. I understand Yahoo has made some changes to Yahoo finance and their other APIs. Does anyone have a potential solution?
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John Doe
John Doe 2020년 5월 26일
Also used this one's News Scraper Api. This guy I know personally. He's a developer

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2017년 4월 28일
According to this Answer, Yahoo changed part of the protocol of their API. That Answer includes a link to a bug report where you can apply a workaround for Datafeed Toolbox. Since it sounds like you are directly trying to access Yahoo via a URL rather than using Datafeed Toolbox, a little searching suggests to me that you want to try https:// instead of http://. If that doesn't work you may want to contact Yahoo directly to ask how to update the URL you are using.

Artem Lenskiy
Artem Lenskiy 2018년 8월 29일
There is a solution available, take a look at

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