Error executing [ap, recall, precision] = evaluateDe​tectionPre​cision(res​ults, expectedResults);

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I have modified the FasterRCNN tutorial and have successfully created a detector, however when I get to the testing step I cannot execute the final code. The errors I get are below :
Error using vision.internal.detector.evaluationInputValidation>checkGroundTruthTable (line 101)
Invalid bounding box in row 1, column 1 of the training data table: Cell contents reference from a non-cell array
Error in vision.internal.detector.evaluationInputValidation (line 8)
checkGroundTruthTable(groundTruth, height(detectionResults), mfilename);
Error in evaluateDetectionPrecision (line 94)
vision.internal.detector.evaluationInputValidation(detectionResults, ...
Error in RAT_DeepLearningFasterRCNNObjectDetectionExample (line 318)
[ap, recall, precision] = evaluateDetectionPrecision(results, expectedResults);
I have looked my results table and it seems to be in the correct format, with the boxes, the scores for each and the labels. What could be causing this error?

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Sanjana Ramakrishnan
Sanjana Ramakrishnan 2017년 5월 3일
편집: Walter Roberson 2017년 5월 3일
The second parameter of the 'evaluateDetectionPrecision' function should be in the format as specified in the documentation link below:
The most likely cause of the error message: "Cell contents reference from a non-cell array" is when it is referenced incorrectly as below:
>> d = [ 1 2 4 5];
>> d{1}
Cell contents reference from a non-cell array object.
Ensure that the second parameter is in the right format and is referenced correctly.
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Audrey Easton
Audrey Easton 2017년 5월 15일
편집: Audrey Easton 2017년 5월 15일
I think my variable is incorrectly formatted but I cannot figure out how to convert it. I think it is cells instead of a double but the cell2mat function does not seem to be working. Does anyone know how to fix my table or will I have to redraw all of my ROIs? I did attempt to reimport the ROIs I have already drawn and reexport them but they stayed in the incorrect format. But when I start a new drawing session and export those, they export in the correct format.
I have attached a screenshot of the structure of my table.

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