Extract every subexpression in a symbolic expression between + and -

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Is it somehow possible to get out of some expression E, for example:
E = 5*h*(a*(b/c)+(d*e*f)/(3*g)-(x*y)/(j*i*k)+...)/(...)
every subexpression, which is between + and -?
For Example:
Thank you for your help and support in advance.
Ahmed Hossam

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Andrew Newell
Andrew Newell 2017년 4월 18일
편집: Andrew Newell 2017년 4월 18일
Depends whether you have muPAD. In the Symbolic Toolbox, you can use
E = expand(E);
to separate the terms, but then you need these functions from muPAD: nops to find out how many terms there are and op to extract them.

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