Is it possible to compile C# code in Matlab?

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Alexander 2012년 3월 27일
답변: Bill Chou 2020년 3월 23일
I'm currently working on the tool which consist of 2 parts. One is written outside in C#. Another will be developed in Matlab. The tool should run under Linux Red Hat 5.6 OS. It seems logical then to compile both parts using Matlab. But I can't find any infromation in help about compiling C# code. Still, I see articles about compiling C and C++ code.
Could anyone comment on the possiblity to compile C# code as well? I have currently 2010b version of Matlab.
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Alexander 2012년 3월 27일
Thank you for the answer. Obviously, I have to state the question more precise.
The tool should run under Linux environment. One part of the tool is written in C# in Windows (not by me). Another one will be written in Matlab. So, the question was if I can use Matlab to compile the first part under Linux.
If I understand you correctly, this is something which in general is not possible. Right?

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Friedrich 2012년 3월 27일
yes C# is Windows only. So it won't run on Linux. But there are some Linux clones available:
But I am not sure if this works nicely and if this works together with MATLAB. This would also require that the end user installs these files.
If possible, I would recommend rewriting the C# part in JAVA so that it can run on Linux and Windows (and also MAC).

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Bill Chou
Bill Chou 2020년 3월 23일
Another possible approach is to have the final program running in C# outside of MATLAB. In this case, you could use MATLAB Coder to convert your MATLAB algorithms into C/C++, do some manual work to interface it with C#, and then integrate that into your C# application. Please see this article for more details:


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