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How to make num2str output with 4 digits left of decimal? eg 0-> 0000

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I am trying to get num2str to fomat its output with 4 digits. For example num2str(0) -> '0000' or num2str(125)-> '0125'
I know that there is a way to do this for digits after the decimal but I'm not sure how to do it for digits before the decimal.

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Aaron Greenbaum
Aaron Greenbaum 7 Apr 2017
편집: Aaron Greenbaum 7 Apr 2017
you can format num2str using the following modifier to get the output I desired. num2str(125, '%04.f') -> '0125'
without the . after the 4 you get 125.0

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the cyclist
the cyclist 7 Apr 2017
편집: the cyclist 7 Apr 2017
I suggest that instead you use the sprintf command for this. For example,
The formatting specification is pretty versatile, but can take a little while to become facile with.

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