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How to use prototxt file in matlab?

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h612 1 Apr 2017
답변: Tamir Suliman 11 Feb 2018
I'm new to Deep Learning. I do not have any experience in python etc (Im using Matlab only) I'm trying to add a pre-trained NN in my example. However, it is not a .mat extension. It is deploy/solver/train .prototxt files. Matlab function helperImportMatConvNet does not work with this format. How can such a net be viewed and used in Matlab? Does matconvnet have a function? Kindly assist

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Khadija Al Jabri
Khadija Al Jabri 11 Feb 2018
Do you find the solution?

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Tamir Suliman
Tamir Suliman 11 Feb 2018
See if this article helps import it

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