Change position of numbers on x axes in surface plot

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Hi. I plot a surface plot and the numbers in the xaxis match the lines that go through the surface. Is there any way to get the numbers to be inline with the middle of the squares instead of inline with the lines in the surface plot?
So I would like to move all numbers on x-axis with say half a step, the same for y-axis.
Is this possible to do?
Greateful for all help!
Kind Regards, Fredrik

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Kevin Holst
Kevin Holst 2012년 3월 23일
Perhaps something like this would work for you?
grid off %this prevents the addition of gridlines at half spacing
ha = gca
Does that do what you're wanting?
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Fredrik 2012년 3월 27일
Perfect, exactly what I wanted!

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Fredrik 2012년 3월 27일
I have also made this plot with imagesc and not only surface.
When I try the same approach here, it does not work. The grid follows the numbers no matter what.
Any suggestion on how to solve this?
Kind Regards, Fredrik


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