Different Coverage for after(1, sec) and after(1, msec). My misunderstanding or just a bug?

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Simple model is made up for coverage calculation.
State_A <--after(1, sec) --> State_B
In above, the transition is bidirectional. the decision coverage is 100%, and it makes sense since after(1, sec) is evaluated true/false according to time.
if 'sec' is changed to 'msec', then it produces 50% coverage, and the report message is
"Transition "after(1, msec)" from "A" to "B"
after(1, msec) was never false."
Why is that?


Arunkumar M
Arunkumar M 2018년 11월 9일
편집: Arunkumar M 2018년 11월 9일
What was your step size used in simulation? This could happen when your step size is higher than 1msec as used in this condition.


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