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Control strategy for a heating system

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noUse 2017년 3월 1일
답변: Jose Lara 2017년 3월 10일
Hello Everybody! I am new to Simulink modeling. Given the following problem: I want to control the heating of a house. Therefore, a top unit should be switched on (nominal load, no ramp up) as soon as the production of the main unit is above a certain level. How would you do this? Is it possible to set the output of a p-controller to a fixed value?
if main_unit < level:
top_unit = 0
top_unit = nominal_load
Thank you very much for your help


Jose Lara
Jose Lara 2017년 3월 10일
You may try using the Switch block. The Switch output between first input and third input based on value of second input. The second input could be the reference value, 'level'. The third input could be the "nominal_load" value. Check out the example Use of Simulation Time for the Control Port to further understand how the Switch block works.


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