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Is it possible that the Arduino calculates values?

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Selim Argül
Selim Argül 2017년 2월 28일
답변: Jose Lara 2017년 3월 10일
I have a function with which I calculate energy values for a process. I'd like to calculated it with the Arduino itself! instead of Matlab. I will use these calculated values for further uses in Matlab. Is this possible? Maybe with a fcn block in Simulink? Thank you


Jose Lara
Jose Lara 2017년 3월 10일
Hello Selim,
You can download the Arduino Support from Simulink package to deploy standalone operations on your Arduino. You could manipulate signals read through analog and digital signals and if you would like to read these values, you could export the signal using the Serial Transmit block from the Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware. You will be able to send buffered data to the specified serial port. You should check out the documentation on how to Use the Serial Communications with Arduino Hardware.

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