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Cross correlation Between two matrices row by row

Good morning, I have a problem with the cross correlation (crosscorr command), I'm trying to do a cross correlatation btw 2 matrices with dimension 96*3000, and I wrote this small loop:
[r, c] = size(AinO1_correct);
for i=1:r
[xcf,lags,bounds]=crosscorr(AinO1_correct(i,2) , AinO1_incorrect(:,2));
correlationAinO1 = z';
but i got this error 'First series must be a vector.' I don't know what is wrong could please help me?

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Answer by Massimo Zanetti on 23 Feb 2017
Edited by Massimo Zanetti on 23 Feb 2017
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There are some issues in your code.
  1. crosscorr function requires two vector inputs. Ain01_correct(i,2) it is not (it is a number). Notice also that AinO1_incorrect(:,2) is just the second column of your matrix (not a row).
  2. correlationAinO1 = z'; what is that???
I assume what you want is:
[r, c] = size(AinO1_correct);
for i=1:r
[xcf,lags,bounds]=crosscorr(AinO1_correct(i,:) , AinO1_incorrect(i,:));
notice that arguments of crosscorr function are row vectors from your matrices.
IMPORTANT check the size of the two matrices is the same before running the code.

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Thanks, now is working (sorry I'm starting to use matlab), but I have another question, why if I have a matrix 96*3000 I get xcf 1*41 (all Nan) and lags 1*41 (from -20 to 20)?
This is due to the fact that having not supplied the number of lags, MATLAB uses a default value numLags=20. Then, the output size is 20*2+1, accordingly.
This is explained in the help page of the function crosscorr, read carefully paragraphs related to numLags input and xcf,lags outputs.

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