How to get the order of Simulink blocks based on their pin connection

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How to get the order of Simulink blocks based on their pin connection.
For Example: From attached Simulink model (This model has no meaning. created only to give idea about my problem ), I want to get the order of blocks based on pin connection instead of their alphabetic order.
The order should be like (Expected Output):
1. Integrator,Second-Order Limited Block
2. Integrator or Rate Limiter Dynamic Block
3. Rate Limiter Dynamic or Integrator Block
4. Lookup table Dynamic Block
5. Data type Conversion block
6. n-DLookup Table Block
But Currently I am getting order based on Aplhabatic name of Blocks (Refer below image for the results uisng 'find_system' command.)
(Current Output):


Hari Desanur
Hari Desanur 2017년 2월 22일
I don't think you can do this directly but you might be able to use the 'Position' property of a Block to get the desired order of the blocks.
Refer to the 'Position' property in this documentation page -
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Ganesh Hegade
Ganesh Hegade 2017년 2월 23일
I am already getting order of the Blocks by using their Position. But it doesn't work for all conditions. For example user may place the Blocks in random order. So i am looking for some solution based on Block 'handle' and 'Portconnectivity'. Below is the current solution used by me.
caBlocks = find_system(gcs,'SearchDepth',1,'Type','Block');
caPositions = get_param(caBlocks,'Position');
nLeftPos = cellfun(@(c)c(1),caPositions);
[~,nOrderIdx] = sort(nLeftPos);

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