Export dendrogram plot information

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KA 2017년 2월 14일
편집: Michelle Wu 2017년 2월 16일
Hello, is there any way to export the dendrorgram plot information so that it can be replotted in another graphing package such as sigmaplot?


Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu 2017년 2월 16일
편집: Michelle Wu 2017년 2월 16일
Unfortunately it does not seem possible to achieve simply from MATLAB. The dendrorgram plot is just like any other MATLAB figures, and functionality of exporting MATLAB figure information to directly support third-party graphical software is not available.
Your best shot is probably to explore any third-party tools or File Exchange submissions which could have such capability. I am not sure what "information" specifically you are looking to export, but the File Exchange submission below may worth taking a look:



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