Multiple y-axes within Simulation Data Inspector

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Tyler Bikaun
Tyler Bikaun 2017년 2월 6일
댓글: Andreas 2020년 5월 18일
I'm trying to figure out how to plot two variables within simulation data inspector (Simulink) using two y-axes and a common x-axis (obviously this will be the timestep). I have looked through the documentation but cannot seem to figure out how to do this.
Any help is much appreciated.


Autumn Umanetz
Autumn Umanetz 2017년 12월 5일
If your problem (like mine) was that the two series need wildly different Y scales, you can partially solve the problem by setting "Normalize Y-axis limits" in the plot preferences (Top right gear -> Limits tab -> Check "Normalize").
This shifts and scales all plots such that their entire Y range maps to the range [0-1].
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Andreas 2020년 5월 18일
This only works for time plots, but not for x/y-plots.

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Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu 2017년 2월 15일
편집: Michelle Wu 2017년 2월 15일
It is possible to view multiple signals on the same plot. You can do so simply by negativing to the "Runs" pane in the left hand side of the Simulation Data Inspector window and then selecting the check boxes next to the signals you want to stream in the plot. There are a few screenshots in the following documentation which may be helpful:
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Andreas 2020년 5월 18일
Hi Michelle,
example: you have to model some valve characteristics and will use x/y-plots.
y-axis 1: pressure drop
y-axis 2: volume flow
common x-axis: valve signal
How would you do that in the simulation data inspector?

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