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How to: UPDATE an already DEPLOYED software

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vcmorini 30 Jan 2017
댓글: John D'Errico 31 Jan 2017
Fact: I already have an engineer software standalone, which I created using Application Compiler from Application Deployment APPS.
Fact: I have a new version of it, with a fixed bug.
Fact: This software is very heavy.
Doubt: How can I send ONLY the fixed part of my software to my customer? How can I update his version easily? Example: Many Antivirus softwares updates automatically through internet.
Many thanks!
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John D'Errico
John D'Errico 31 Jan 2017
Please don't add answers every time you wish to make a comment. Use the comments for that.

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Jan 30 Jan 2017
This is not trivial and as far as I know this is not supported by Matlab. During the compilation the files are encrytped and a later patching would required to decrypt them. This should not happen on the customer's computer.
So either ship the software in independent packages, such that only the modified functions can be updated, or ship the complete heavy software package for each update.
The virus scanners update their databases only. Updates of the engine work similar to the update mechanism of operating systems: Some libraries are replaced and the list of pointers to the libraries to be used is adjusted.
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John D'Errico
John D'Errico 31 Jan 2017
Moved to a comment from vcmorini:
"Thank you guys,
I am looking forward for a Matlab solution.

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