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How to plot time format

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jenka 2017년 1월 14일
답변: Steven Lord 2021년 5월 4일
I have two time matrices of t1=3x250 and t3=3x450 with 3 columns representing hour, minute and second as integers. I also have two vectors X1 and X2 of size 1x450 and 1x250 respectively. I know on the SAME graph want to plot X1 and x2 against t1 and t2 where each observation on x axis would read in format hour:minute:second. Probably very easy to do. Could anybody guide me please?


Star Strider
Star Strider 2017년 1월 14일
It would be easier with your data.
Here is one possibility with created data:
t1 = [0 1 2; 0 2 3; 1 1 10; 1 39 45]; % Original ‘t1’ ‘Hour Minute Second’ Matrix
t1a = [repmat([2017 0 0], size(t1,1), 1) t1]; % Concatenate With ‘[year month day]’
dnv1 = datenum(t1a); % Convert To Date Numbers
x1 = rand(size(dnv1)); % Data ‘x1’
t2 = [0 2 10; 0 3 5; 1 2 20; 2 30 15]; % Original ‘t2’ ‘Hour Minute Second’ Matrix
t2a = [repmat([2017 0 0], size(t1,1), 1) t2];
dnv2 = datenum(t2a);
x2 = rand(size(dnv2));
plot(dnv1, x1)
hold on
plot(dnv2, x2)
hold off
datetick('x', 'hh:mm:ss', 'keepticks')
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Raidah Zaman
Raidah Zaman 2021년 5월 4일
Thank you! I was geniunely able to learn from this.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2021년 5월 4일
Now you'd probably want to use a duration array.
h = randi(3, 1, 10);
m = randi([0 59], 1, 10);
s = randi([0 59], 1, 10);
D = sort(duration(h, m, s));
data = minutes(D-D(1)).^2; % minutes from start squared
plot(D, data, 'o-')


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